Slash & Bonnie Raitt lead tributes to iconic engineer Ed Cherney

Slash and Bonnie Raitt are leading the tributes to Grammy-winning engineer Ed Cherney, who lost his battle with cancer on Tuesday (22Oct19). Cherney worked on Raitt’s Nick of Time album and was behind the console for Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven and the Rolling Stones’ Bridges to Babylon, while he also worked with artists like Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Sting, and Jackson Browne. He was a mainstay at The Village Studios in Los Angeles. Raitt was quick to release a statement, writing: “Heartbroken at the loss of my dear friend and brilliant engineer/producer, Ed Cherney. Together with Don Was, we made a mighty trio, creating some of the most celebrated albums of our careers, garnering us a string of Grammy nominations and awards for Nick of Time, Luck of the Draw, Longing in their Hearts and Road Tested in the early-mid 90’s. “He was one of the sweetest, funniest, big hearted and talented people I’ve ever known, as widely liked as he was respected as one of our businesses (sic) greatest recording Engineers. I will miss him so much and am so grateful we got to have him as long as we did. “Thank God he is out […]

Fiona Apple sings new song for Bob’s Burgers Halloween episode

While we patiently wait for Fiona Apple’s new record supposedly coming in 2020, looks like we have a little something to hold us over. The singer/songwriter contributed a short song to the end credits of Sunday night’s episode of Bob’s Burgers. The Halloween special, entitled “Pig Trouble in Little Tina”, featured Gene dressed in costume as Fiona Applesauce, aka “Fiona Apple’s saucy aunt.” As the episode wrapped up, the singer’s signature voice came rolling in over quick moving banjo, singing the campy lines, “There’s an oink, oink in the night/ And it gives you such a fright/ He’s got a tail that’s curly/ And he’s coming for you, girly.” Check out the full Bob’s Burgers episode (complete with the Apple tune) at FOX’s website. (Read: TV Review: Bob’s Burgers’ 10th Season Is Sweet and Comforting as Ever) Apple initially teased the song via the Fiona Apple Rocks Tumblr page, posting a brief YouTube video of herself with a spooky pig (see below). She also posted the song’s lyrics. She’s also far from the first artist to join the Bob’s Burgers musical lexicon. The National have had a long love affair with the Belcher clan, recording Christmas and Thanksgiving jingles, singing about […]

Aretha Franklin biopic rounds out cast with Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige has been added to to the A-list cast of the upcoming Aretha Franklin biopic, Respect. The R&B singer, who picked up a Golden Globe nod and Oscar nomination for her role in 2017 drama Mudbound, will join Forest Whitaker, Marlon Wayans, Audra McDonald and Tituss Burgess in the movie, which will star Jennifer Hudson as the late Queen of Soul. Respect director Liesl Tommy is raving about the final cast for the movie, which will depict the late soul legend’s career from her days as a child singing in her father’s choir to international stardom. “I am thrilled with the incredibly talented cast we have assembled for our film, and I’m so proud that Ms. Franklin entrusted us to tell her story and to share it with the world,” the filmmaker tells Deadline, noting producers worked with Franklin on crafting the movie before her death. “As a storyteller, hers is the kind of story we all dream of telling. Her music has inspired me since I was a little girl, and the milestones of her life and career have shown us all how to strive and thrive. “To have this powerhouse group of actors – and the […]

Bebe Rexha says she has nothing to prove to ‘anybody’

The ‘Meant To Be’ hitmaker shared a steamy snap wearing only a thong to celebrate her 30th birthday over the summer, and she admitted it felt “great” to embrace herself and enjoy feeling “confident”. Speaking to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, she said: “It felt great. I think for me it was like this is just who I am and I can do this and I think we’ve come to [an] incredible place as [females]. “If I would have posted that 30 years ago, who knows [if it] would have gotten that love? I just feel like at this point in my life I feel confident and I don’t really have to prove anything to anybody.” Despite receiving overwhelming support from her fans, Bebe still faced backlash from online trolls, and she responded with a defiant social media put down back in August. She wrote on Twitter at the time: “Yes I am a slut, a freak, a whore, a b***h. ALL OF THE ABOVE. “Btw for all the men judging my pic and hating on it for being too much. Just remember, your mother had sex to have you. (sic)” The racy photo showed the star doing the splits on the bathroom […]

Sam Smith felt they were inside a ‘prison’ while making their second album

The 27-year-old singer – who came out as non-binary earlier this year – felt “free” to be themselves when working on debut album ‘In the Lonely Hour’ because they were “a nobody” but the pressure was huge when writing the follow-up, 2017’s ‘The Thrill of it All’. Sam wrote in an essay for Attitude magazine: “When I made my first album I was a nobody and I felt free to be whoever, and express however, I wanted, but that follow-up album was different. “I felt a deep and heavy pressure that I didn’t want to disappoint my fans, my record label, my family. But most importantly myself. “As each day went on, my suits felt more like straitjackets and my head started to feel more and more like a prison.”Sam now feels “more confident and happy” with themself but knows self-acceptance isn’t an easy journey to reach.They wrote: “Nothing good ever happens easy. “In the words of Cheryl Cole, ‘We have to fight, fight, fight, fight… fight for this love. “And I have. Am I am.” Sam recently revealed plans to release a third album next year. The ‘How Do You Sleep’ hitmaker is moving away from the “acoustic-y, soulful […]