Scream 3 Is the Best Worst Sequel of Any Horror Franchise

What’s your favorite scary movie? Better yet, what’s your favorite Scream movie? Odds are it’s not the third one. At least, that’s the reputation of Scream 3, the blockbuster second sequel to Wes Craven’s groundbreaking slasher franchise. When the film first hit theaters in 2000 with a curious February release, the reviews were mixed and the fan reaction was polarizing at best. There were questions — namely, who in God’s name did Courtney Cox’s hair — but there was mostly this lingering sense of disappointment. Now, two decades later, we’re left to wonder, Was Scream 3 really all that bad? Below, we’ve rounded up an esteemed panel of Hollywood C-listers to provide an answer. Michael Roffman: After all these years, perhaps the most meta element of Scream 3 is how the sequel about a bastard child ultimately became the bastard entry of the franchise. Ask any fan, be it of Scream, of horror, or film in general, and they all will likely point to this one as a blemish in Wes Craven’s blockbuster franchise. They’re also not wrong. Blame it on Columbine, the lack of Kevin Williamson, or Creed’s one-note soundtrack, but there’s always been this general malaise to the […]