R.I.P. Orson Bean, veteran comic and actor struck by car at 91

Orson Bean on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Orson Bean, frequent guest of Johnny Carson and actor in The Twilight Zone, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and Being John Malkovich, died in a traffic accident on February 7th. He was 91 years old. As reported by ABC7, Bean was walking near his home in Venice, California, when a car clipped him and he fell in the street. Bystanders tried to stop traffic, but a second driver did not see Bean and struck him fatally. “The car coming westbound did not see him and clipped him and he went down,” according to Captain Brian Wendling of the LAPD. “A second vehicle was coming up, was distracted by people trying to slow him down, and then looked up and then a second traffic collision occurred and that one was fatal.” Bean was born in Vermont in 1928 with the real name of Dallas Burrows. A distant cousin of Calvin Coolidge, he claims to have peed on the sitting president at six months old. He developed the pseudonym Orson Bean in the 1950s, while working as the house comic at New York’s Blue Angel nightclub. This opened the door to appearances on The Tonight Show and The Ed […]

R.I.P. Lee Mendelson, producer of Peanuts TV specials dies at 86

Lee Mendelson, who produced over 50 Peanuts TV specials including A Charlie Brown Christmas, has died after a long battle with lung cancer. He was 86. Mendelson died at home on Christmas Day, his family told the Palo Alto Daily Post. Son Jason Mendelson commented, “It wasn’t great for us, but to have him pass on Christmas really ties into his history and legacy.” Born March 24th, 1933, Lee Mendelson broke into show business with A Man Named Mays, a 1963 television documentary about baseball great Willie Mays. A few weeks later, as Mendelson told Stanford Magazine, he was reading the Peanuts comic strip and was struck by inspiration. He thought to himself, “you’ve just done the world’s greatest baseball player, now you should do the world’s worst baseball player, Charlie Brown.” What began as a documentary about creator Charles Schultz eventually morphed into 1966’s A Charlie Brown Christmas. Mendelson hired animator Bill Melendez to bring the comic strip to life, and brought in composer Vince Guaraldi to create the now iconic Peanuts score. Mendelson pitched in musically as well, penning the lyrics to “Christmastime is Here”. A Charlie Brown Christmas earned Mendelson his first of 12 Emmy wins. Over the course of his career […]

R.I.P. Gordon Bressack, Pinky and the Brain writer dead at 68

Gordon Bressack, an Emmy Award-winning writer known for his work on 90’s-era cartoons including Pinky and the Brain and Animaniacs, has died at the age of 68. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bressack died Friday in Los Angeles after a long health battle. Bressack also wrote episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures, The Smurfs, DuckTails, Mighty Max, Darkwing Duck, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. For his efforts, Bressack won three Daytime Emmy Awards, including outstanding achievement in animation for Animaniacs in 1996; outstanding special class animated program for Pinky and the Brain in 1999; and outstanding children’s animated program for Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain in 2000. In 1998, he was the inuagural recipient of the Writers Guild’s Animation Writers Caucus Animation Award. Consequence of Sound RSS Feed

R.I.P. Doris Day, legendary actress and musician dead at 97

Legendary actress and singer Doris Day has died at the age of 97. According to The Associated Press, Day died Monday at her Carmel Valley, California home surronded by close friends. At the peak of her popularity in the 1950s and 60s, Day was the biggest female film star and ranked sixth all time among box office performers. At the 1989 Academy Awards, she received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement in motion pictures. Day was also an accomplished musician, who released 29 albums over the course of her life. For her efforts, she was bestowed a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and a Legend Award from the Society of Singers. Consequence of Sound RSS Feed

Luke Perry Redefined Cool and Slayed My Heart

“I always felt like something of an outsider, but I identified with people on the screen.” –Luke Perry Hearts didn’t just stop at the sight of Luke Perry; they doubled, at least for this writer. As a young and easily confused six-year-old, seeing Dylan McKay show up on the third episode of Fox’s Beverly Hills 90210 was confounding. Here was this loner, this rebel, this real James Dean type, who was a complete juxtaposition from the rest of the hunks — from Jason Priestley’s kindhearted braniac Brandon Walsh to Ian Ziering’s insufferable Steve Sanders. He defined “slacker chic”: he was effeminate, he wore his heart on his sleeve, and he won over the coolest of the West Beverly girls. It was an instant first sell, too. When we first meet Dylan, he’s literally surrounded by bolts of electricity as he slinks out of the shadows of West Beverly’s computer lab. From there, he scares off two jocks, gets Brandon to cut school, cruises around in a vintage Porsche convertible with a copy of Byron, surfs the big waves, breaks the big boards, and orders hamburgers in his millionaire father’s hotel suite with some Beverly babes. Though, as we all learn […]