Classic Album Review: Elmer Bernstein Caused an Explosion with Ghostbusters

Conan O’Brien often jests that people will still come up to him on the street and ask about The Simpsons, a gig he briefly held decades ago. By his own admission he can’t remember characters; he was busy being a late-night impresario for the last 25 years. But that’s something for which people still love him, apparently. Remember Chris Farley asking Paul McCartney about his work in the Beatles, and not the solo stuff, on Saturday Night Live? Same general idea. When you’re a part of something so seismic, it follows you around. Were Elmer Bernstein still alive and composing, one could surmise that people would bug him incessantly about his contributions to Ghostbusters. And you know what? He earned it. Sony Music has reissued Bernstein’s iconic score, and it’s like a gateway drug to the inspired sounds of a genius of the form. Bernstein’s rich horns have never sounded so muscular. His piano melodies, never so bouncy. And the eerie, electrical flourishes of the score’s famed ondes Martenot sound massive and otherworldly here. The new reissue also shares previously unheard takes from the film. (As did the 2006 Varèse Sarabande release, but like any greatest hits compilation, there’s always […]