How The Dirt Helped Mötley Crüe Launch the Biggest Rock Tour of 2020

This feature is sponsored by StubHub. Let’s play a game: Take an Uber to your nearest dive bar, pop some quarters in the jukebox, and blindly flip through the selections for 15 seconds. Congratulations: you just picked the subject for Hollywood’s next multimillion-dollar music biopic. (Buy: Tickets to Upcoming Mötley Crüe Shows) The biopic boom is in full swing, as studio executives have realized there’s a ridiculous amount of money to be made from translating extravagant tales of rock star debauchery to the big screen. Released at the tail end of 2018, Bohemian Rhapsody went on to gross more than $900 million worldwide and win four Academy Awards, including Best Actor for Rami Malek’s depiction of Queen’s larger-than-life frontman, Freddie Mercury. Last year’s Rocketman, which starred Taron Egerton as Elton John, performed more modestly but still respectably, grossing $195 million globally on a $40 million budget. And Hollywood is just getting started, with biopics for Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley, Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, and many more reportedly in the works. But it’s not just about drawing fans to movie theaters or streaming platforms. These impressive box office receipts often translate to more robust ticket sales for their respective artists. Queen […]

How Post Malone Helped Redefine Pop Stardom for a New Decade

This article is sponsored by StubHub. Back when he was still attending high school and bumming it part-time at the Chicken Express, Austin Richard Post was voted “Most Likely to Become Famous” by his classmates. Three years and countless tragic hairstyles later, those same classmates — and millions of other listeners — were telling him “Congratulations.” That’s something to think about as that same artist now plays to thousands a night across the country while on his nearly year-long “Runaway Tour.” (Buy: Tickets to Upcoming Post Malone Shows) It didn’t take Post Malone long to become a burgeoning hip-hop star once he uploaded his first single, “White Iverson”, to SoundCloud in February 2015 at the age of 19. He released an accompanying music video in July; within a month, it had amassed more than a million views, and Post signed with Republic Records in August. Star-studded collaborations — including a feature on Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo track “Fade” — and an opening slot on Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour followed, and by the time he released his debut album, Stoney, in December 2016, Post Malone had arguably become rap’s hottest newcomer. The trap-pop-country hybrid debuted at No. 6 on […]